How to reach us

By car

Hotel is in a pedestrian area but you can arrive by car. If you use GPS dial “Viale Eretenio 12” from there go straight ahead and enter in the pedestrian area until Contra’ Garibaldi ( Post Office Square) and then enter in “Contrà Frasche del Gambero”(you have to follow the signs for “albergo due mori), until you arrive in “Contrà Do Rode”. Stop your car in front of Due Mori, where there is a parking space for our Guest.

Car plate number is required in order to regulate the car permission

At check-in we’ll leave you a prepaid pass and you can park for free in Viale Eretenio or in other specific areas of the town.

By Train

From Vicenza Railway Station, reach the street Viale Roma and get trough the big public park. At the end of this street starts the pederstrian area ( Corso Palladio), walk down the Corso and search for the main sqare Piazza dei Signori